Antique Saturday

Dave and I found a new antique mall the other day,  and today we  visited.

Wow. It was awesome. SO much stuff. I love love love antique malls. There’s stuff in there you won’t find anywhere else.  There’s 2 floors  & We spent 2 & 1/2 hours there and I only explored the first one! Dave made it through the whole thing, and he was definitely ready to go before I was.  So since I didn’t make it through , that just means I have to make another trip soon to explore the rest ;)

I walked away with a nice vintage leaf bracelet, old kitchen towels that say wednesday, thursday & friday on them  ( I guess this means I can only do dishes on those days, yeeessss ) & some amazing old photographs. If I go into an antique store, and they are selling old photographs, you better believe I’m gonna buy some.

So these are the pictures of some of the things that I didn’t make it home with, but hopefully they’re there when I go back!


Love this. & yes, the grammar works just fine.

Purses anyone? I couldn’t even capture the magnitude of purses in this booth, they stretched all the way down  the shelf to the left & there was another shelf behind me. The were color coordinated. Purse paradise.

Old books really are the best. That blue has to be my favorite color. The covers are always so colorful & the titles of the books, well, you just can’t beat them. I wouldn’t mind a whole library of old books, not for reading, but for gazing upon. And reading the titles for a little chuckle.

I wanted both of these little cuties.. so bad.

Creeeepy.  Weird thing is, I think this is a napkin holder.

Look up most adorable cat in the dictionary…. this picture will pop up.

I wish.

We ate some lunch at this place a few stores down. It was pretty good. We had a nice panini & some extra sweet green tea.

Oh, and here’s Dave. ♥




One thought on “Antique Saturday

  1. Hi.. was looking through your blog about the antique mall. Hope you don’t mind but the “thing” that was looking at you is really an eye glass holder.. believe me I knew a few people who had them.. kind of spooky huh? Hence, the here they are looking at you… old people can’t find their glasses. :) I have spent many a day going through antique stores.. only to find many things that were considered antique were things I use to own or bought! One day in Pa. I came across a horse head pin with rhinestones in it…. was I shocked how much they wanted for it.. ! I had bought the very same pin many moons ago at the ripe age of 5 and still own it! Now that was an eye opener!
    Putting all that aside.. love your photos. I just had a great time staying on Nantucket with Carolyn and David, this past weekend.. Now you know how I came to find your blog and website.. so very nice..

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