Giavannah’s 1st Birthday

I don’t think a 1st  birthday party can get much better than this. The Wong  family put on a huge luau complete with a pool, pinatas, food, music and great company.   Little Giavannah was the star of the party,of course! As family & friends were greeted at the door, I could tell this was a close-knit family.   They were all so excited to see Giavannah, and she looked adorable in her little  hula skirt and coconut top! Despite the hot weather , I think everyone had a pretty good time.. I know I did!


One thought on “Giavannah’s 1st Birthday

  1. We hired Lindsay for a very special occasion. Our daughter’s first birthday party. Lindsay was not only early to the photo shoot but also very professional, patient and so kind. The end result is of course what we were most excited about. She captured our little Giavannah just as we know her! Thanks for the awesome work Lindsay. The Wong’s.

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